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Mapping Your Dark Matter

Posted by: Matt Saler
I’m the kind of person who will immediately pick up any book of Hubble Space Telescope photos or read about galaxies in my spare time. I make Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy blog a daily must-read and have a sky map app on my phone’s homescreen. I’ve currently got two different space photos set as my desktop ... Read more

Owner Summit 2015

Posted by: Brion Eriksen
On January 8-9, 2015 I had the pleasure of attending Owner Summit in Austin, Texas. Owner Summit is a two-day event delivered by Bureau of Digital, an organization created by Greg Hoy and Greg Storey of Happy Cog and partner Carl Smith. Happy Cog is an industry-leading digital agency that also produces the longtime industry-benchmark ... Read more

MWUX 2014: A Recap

Posted by: Calvin Chopp
MWUX 2014 in Indianapolis covered a lot of great territory, but the emphasis on learning and teaching really stood out. We consider ourselves lifelong learners, so this fell right in our wheelhouse. The changing digital landscape was also a big topic. Calvin attended the conference for us and breaks it down here. Read more

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