Harris Corporation

Elexicon began supporting the broadcast division of Harris Corporation in 2005 with multiple web and marketing initiatives. Ever seeking to maximize and promote a strong brand assertion for Harris, we’ve engaged their customers with a wide range of digital and print projects. These projects included web design, product demos, microsite development, advertisements, print design, and trade show support. Elexicon provided optimization of these deliverables through a unified creative direction and employment of strong technical skills to execute each project on time and on budget.

Information Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words. An information graphic, if done well, is even more impressive. To take Harris from a flat, one-dimensional workflow diagram, our graphics team rolled up their sleeves and powered through a fresh diagrammatical approach to help explain an industry-leading end-to-end broadcast portfolio. The resulting diagram was featured as a branding and communications element on everything from 50-foot wide trade show displays to interactive touch screens.

Interactive Product Demos

Since many of the hardware and software systems Harris engineers are too logistically challenging to transport to sales presentations, we found a better way. Our interactive product demos were designed and developed to visually bridge the gap between the complexity of moving-part systems and the experience of a great solution delivered. After all, showing can be better than telling.

High Impact Creative

Stunning visuals. Plain and simple — well, maybe not plain. Whatever is appropriate, whatever tells the story the most clearly, that’s what we deliver. Of course it’s not all about us — without first carefully listening to the brilliant minds at Harris and clarifying goals for each visual solution, we’d arrive at nothing more than window dressing. But to collaborate and craft high impact visuals that communicate, inspire, and even motivate — that’s nothing short of powerful.

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