How do you test new business models for a global corporation within a limited timeframe and budget? By carefully crafting user-centered live model tests for measuring a diverse audience’s engagement. Working alongside other talented groups at Amway, we created web experiences that blended online information with e-commerce, social strategies, and on-site events. The result: unique testing environments that provided measurable user feedback about the effectiveness of given approaches.

The Projects

Both live model test projects for Amway were set in motion to test a specific business model within the company, but each project accomplished different tasks. The first test was completed in Moscow, Russia, and the second in Toulouse, France. Each test was targeted by the needs of the company's local clientele, specifically how those users incorporated Amway products as part of their everyday lives.

Amway Website Wireframe

The Approach

In Moscow

Amway Russia

The project in Moscow was focused on Amway’s role with individual fulfillment, rather than selling Amway products. Because the goal was to boost the feeling of success associated with personal development, the focus was on empowering Amway Independent business owners to extend their reach into their communities through a series specifically tailored events.

In Toulouse

Amway France

In Toulouse, we created an online experience around products for a completely new brand, SOLI by Amway. We redeveloped an online approach for users to experience the brand through online profiles where they could create their own collections of SOLI products. The project also incorporated an e-commerce solution for secure purchasing within a tested, controlled environment.

Mobility by Modification

Because of the nature of each project, we had to be sure that we were able to rapidly create prototypes that could be easily modified—often dramatically—in a way that would allow for testing and comparison of different approaches. To best accomodate this, we used WordPress as the foundational CMS. We then built custom themes, plugins, and PHP applications on that foundation for a tailored, flexible approach that allowed for change on-demand.

Built with WordPress

Personalized Content

To best meet the needs of users for both projects, we worked with Amway to create an algorithm-driven user assessment. Users that completed the assessment would be presented with custom-tailored content regarding upcoming events, products of interest, and the creation of product collections.

Amway JavaScript Assessment
Amway JavaScript Assessment

Measurable Results

Simply building and launching these projects was never our measure of success. We worked with the teams at Amway to create ways of visualizing the data in a way that the teams could more easily analyze and interpret results. This included custom back-end site dashboards grouping and displaying pertinent analytic user details.

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