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Making Things Clear in a World of Constant Disruption.

Posted by: Mike Verstrat
  Let me be clear. Things aren’t clear. I crave clarity. I think most people do to a certain extent, but seriously — I’m in a stretch of going bonkers with all things unclear: Parking meters that don’t specify active days and times. Quick service restaurant digital signage menus that hide many of the prices and items […] Read more

User Interface vs. Face-to-Face

Posted by: Brion Eriksen
Do you prefer Mr. Roboto for your customer service? I’m not completely sold. In their 1983 single “Mr. Roboto,” the Chicago rock band Styx envisioned a campy dystopian future where robots substitute for manual labor and, incidentally, rock and roll is outlawed. Well, 35 years later that once-critically-panned/now-guilty-pleasure hit seems to have been half-correct. “Robots” […] Read more

Mapping Your Dark Matter

Posted by: Matt Saler
I’m the kind of person who will immediately pick up any book of Hubble Space Telescope photos or read about galaxies in my spare time. I make Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy blog a daily must-read and have a sky map app on my phone’s homescreen. I’ve currently got two different space photos set as my desktop […] Read more

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On your way to grab an IPA at Founders Brewing or catch a game at Van Andel Arena? Stop by — we're just a block away.

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