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Elexicon has designed and built digital projects for leading health care organizations, and technology companies of all sizes, across West Michigan and the U.S.

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Since 1999, Elexicon’s experienced team has been focused on one thing: Building the best digital marketing platforms for the most innovative companies, to help them communicate their vision, delight their customers, and grow their sales.

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Elexicon’s experts share their advice and insights on the art and science of digital communication — or whatever topic we feel will help our clients and readers succeed.

Leadership by Design

Posted by: Calvin Chopp
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. — Albert Einstein” Innovation is an interesting buzzword in business. Many companies claim to be innovative, yet few seem to figure out what “innovative” truly is—what is it that drives innovation? What sets those companies that “get it” apart? In […] Read more

CTRL+C: The Art of Copying Your Way to Originality

Posted by: Calvin Chopp
It was a year or so after I’d graduated from college and I was ready to make my mark professionally on the world. I was fortunate and found a job in my chosen career path of digital design and development. I was excited to work my way up the vocational ladder.  Along with the excitement […] Read more

Essential work: Trusted, authentic communication

Posted by: Brion Eriksen
Health Beat continues to set the standard for brand journalism with trusted storytelling—when our community needs it most. Our friend Jim Ylisela at Ragan Consulting Group recently wrote a blog post that highlights how companies’ brand journalism platforms have been essential to their communications and overall brand clarity and visibility during the COVID-19 crisis. Jim […] Read more
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