Gordon Food Service

Since 2006, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Gordon Food Service on a number of marketing, branding and web application projects. The projects range from quick B2B marketing distributor promotions for new or seasonal food products, to full-blown web applications and online sales tools for large events and nation-wide campaigns.

The Gordon Food Service Show

Our team worked with Gordon Food Service to develop a new online approach for their salesforce and customers at their annual food shows put on all over the nation. The new site gave the users the ability to create their own itineraries based on the shows they chose, or offered them pre-made itineraries that were based on their industry, or they had the option of taking a short survey, based on a custom algorithm, which would offer them an intinerary based on their choices.

GFS Food Show Website GFS Food Show Website GFS Food Show Website

Trending Now

For a period of time, Gordon Food Service worked alongside our creative team to develop unique sites cated to a certain theme or market within their industry. Each website campaign coordiated the overall look and feel between web and print, providing content rich with recipes, articles rebates and other downloadable resources.

Web Application Projects

Sales efficiency, customer retention and aquisition through means of technology is an important aspect of Gordon Food Service’s business model. We partnered alongside Gordon Food’s to help visualize and create online applications and software that would help them achieve these goals.

Promotions by Partnership

Through the relationship we've built with Gordon Food Service, it's also led to opportunities to work alongside reputable Gordon Food Service vendors, helping to create quarerly campaigns for products and services. These campaigns were originally done in flash, and we eventually helped migrate the process to HTML to reach a broader audience through ever evolving technology.

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